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Society in Thanesar

A city like Thanesar has a large section which is part of the rural setup. With changing times, there is a bridge building between the rural and the modern setup. Thus, concepts of modern times, which concern any culture, are prevalent across Thanesar now, to bring harmony and growth to the region. The same can be said for the growing society. Even though culturally the two may differ in ways, their approach to life based on many grounds remains the same.

People in both parts, rural and urban are aware of the issues that are faced and deal with it under the guidance and efforts made by government and non governmental agencies. As a result of this, the society, which has certain flaws, works together in eradicating them and leading to a more harmonious and prosperous state.

Other Welfare Programs in Thanesar

Women Welfare in Thanesar

Thanesar, which happens to be a part of Haryana state, is known to have issues with women welfare. There have been many ill cases in interior parts of the region which have alarmed the state time and again. As a result of this, since a long time, the state government has initiated way that looks into the welfare of the women. Women cells, NGOs, Women Welfare Units are all part of the initiative to curb all ill practices towards women. The laws within the society have become strict as well ensuring that people understand and respect women.

The change is seen too. Women now feel safer and gave come out from their shells to become a part of the society and contribute just like their male counterparts. Women from the region have done well in sports, academics, and politics and so on feeling secure within the set up initiated by private and non profit organization.

Environment Welfare in Thanesar

Since the city is largely agrarian, there is greenery and nature to look at when here. But in the past years, Thanesar is known to become fast with its industrial growth, thus leading to a danger towards the environment. As more industries are to be set up, the plush trees and gardens are under a threat. Understanding the same, the environmentalists in the region have touched upon these issues and there have been efforts made to curb the same. Companies too are ensuring that they emit least amount of components that are harmful for the environment and people continue to get clean water and enjoy the freshness in natural environment. In Thanesar, you will see several plantation programs that have been initiated by the government to keep the city green by all possible means.

Other Welfare Programs in Thanesar

Society in Thanesar

Apart from the above two, there are other crucial areas that are also looked at in Thanesar. The society comprises of a number of children who have faced many crimes straight from child labor to child trafficking. If we go by the crime records in the past few years the rates have been shocking. In order to work towards giving children a secure home, the government has initiated Child Development Programs under the Government of India. Also, the police have become more aware of the same and trafficking cases are dealt with immediate attention. Child Welfare Cell in another way to ensure that children are cared for. Helpline centers work 24x 7 to address issues that are close to child abuse in any which manner. 

Thus, all attempts are made in order to make Thanesar a society which lives harmoniously. It is made sure that people are not unaware of the events happening around them and show similar sensibilities.

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