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Tourist Places in Thanesar

Just how Thanesar is known as a religious town, it remains to be a popular tourist destination too. People come here in large numbers to witness the holy vibe the city exudes but along with that they enjoy and cherish the old monuments, tombs and sites. Thanesar in its small capacity, but one of great value contains many sites that add visually, historically and educate the minds of the people. Many of these sites are looked after by the government and maintained well. Each place has something unique to offer to the people making Thanesar a complete tourist destination with much to experience. 
Tourist Spots in Thanesar

Archaeological Museum, Thanesar

Stressing upon the archaeological importance the city contains, the Thanesar Archaeological Site Museum is a great place to learn about the city. Set up as one of a kind museum in the state this center works in close coordination with the Archaeological Survery of India. All excavations that take place in the town and places adjacent to it are further carried to this museum. The museum in itself remains a perfect spot to learn and witness much more than seen about this old historic town of Thanesar in Kurukshetra district.

Raja Harsha Ka Tila in Thanesar

Located in Thanesar at a dimension of 1000m (length) & 750m (width) Raja Harsha Ka Tila is a site you’ll fondly remember after your visit. The tila, a natural hill has been associated with several cultures right to the Mughal era. The Archaeological Survey of India has conducted many excavations at this site the result of which are made public at the city museum. This has further added to the sites’ information and history. Currently under the government of India, the tila falls adjacent to the famous Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb in Thanesar. 

Jindal Park in Thanesar

Spread over a huge area, Jindal Park in Thanesar is a relaxing one surrounded by greenery all around. Perfect for recreation in Thanesar is full of beautiful plants, bushes and trees which make it all the more charming. Here, you will paths made for people to walk and garden areas where one can sit and while away their time appreciating the beauty and calmness. The park is a great picnic spot too where families can come and have a quality time. One can see bushes given the shape of elephants that look attractive to the eyes.

Jindal Park in Thanesar

Theme Park in Thanesar

Situated in the center of Thanesar city, the Theme Park is a fun place to be. During festivities in the town you will find the park laden with colors of celebration with markets, fairs and festivity springing with joy. People visit this place to indulge in the celebrations the town becomes a part of. The park remains surrounded by trees adding greenery and beauty to the site. The park falls on State Highway 6 in Thanesar.

Sheikh Chillis Tomb in Thanesar

You think of Thanesar and the name of Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb falls synonymous with that of the town. Built sometime in the 17th century, take you back to the time of the sufi saint famously known as Sheikh Chilli. He is known to be the master of Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh. There are many tales that go down in history associated with this teacher and his teachings. When here, one cannot help but marvel at the amazing architecture that shows influences of Persian form.

Sheikh Chilli's Tomb in Thanesar

At the tomb you will find it attached to a Madarsa and a mosque in its backside, Pather Masjid. The Mughal Gardens surrounding the area make it further beautiful and worth a visit when in Thanesar. The tomb by all means continues to be one of the most visited and equally significant places there is in this small city.

Boosting tourism in the state, Thanesar thus contains some of the finest sites one can visit all year long. There are various means to reach these places ie, via air, road and rail. When here, be assured to get mesmerised by finding out about historical events, culture and tradition the city continues to stay connected with.

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